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3 ways to extract data from excel table

針對一個保險從業的佣金計算作出三個方案: 純用方程式和含數; 用vba; 運用pivot table. 純用方程式和含數會使用match, index, iferror, countifs,sumifs,也用上名稱name。(原来也有同事用上的if,small,row,false; 希望他在設計table時能用上data validation 的list去减少鍵入错誤啦!) 用vba 使用macro錄製 advanced filtering (wild card) 和copy range,加按鈕完成。這方式要存檔為xlxm,也要設定新的安全方案。 運用pivot table 彈性較大。最主要是設計和運用容易為初學者所接收。

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Shortcut to create VPN connection

1. Create VPN.pbk 2. Double click icon to set 3. Try China IP 4. Use flyVPN account to login tutorial from flyVPN

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Windows Icon Refresh

In Command line ie4uinit.exe -ClearIconCache

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Missing Windows Desktop Icons

Message from Rebuilding the Icon Cache Database 1. Close all folders that are currently open. 2. Start taskmgr.exe 3. Right-click Explorer.exe process and select End Process. 4. Select New Task (Run…) 5. CMD.exe, in command prompt windo, type the … Continue reading

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How to Open command Prompt from any folder in Windows 7

Simply hold down the Shift key and right-click a folder. The context menu will contain an entry “Open command window here”

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Cannot delete thumb.db in windows 7

Gpedit.msc Local Computer policy User Configuration Admin Templates Windows Components Windows Explorer “Turn off display of thumbnails” enable

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How to disable Open file security warning in Windows 7

Using gpedit.msc Goto Local Computer Policy User Configuration Administrative Templates Windows Components Attachment Manager Inclusion list for low file types add file type within In Registry HKCU\Sw\Ms\Wx\Cv\Pl\As “LowRiskFileTypes”

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Run Regedit as Administrator

In Windows 7, at start button, search regedit, right click the exe and choose “Run as administrator”

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Speed up your pc

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Windows 7 failed to login to a network folder

If you are sure you have the right user and password, check your registry for the LmCompatibilityLevel. source

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